Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Several Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases Naturally


Natural Ways to Prevent Heart Disease, Heart disease remains one of the main diseases that are categorized as scary for everyone, thus preventing early of heart disease risk better than cure.

Of course there are various ways that can be taken to protect one of the main important part of this body, for example by exercising regularly and getting used to consume a nutritionally balanced meals and get used to doing other healthy lifestyle.

Several Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases Narutally
Several Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases Naturally

However, different from the usual way of prevention, ways below are also believed to prevent heart disease. Below are some ways that are believed to prevent heart disease, as quoted from various sources.

1. Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums

Perhaps many people think that teeth and gums had nothing to do with the heart, but who would have thought the teeth and gums were still associated with heart disease and stroke. Teeth can lead to heart disease when there is inflammation of the gram-negative bacteria secrete endotoxin (Lipopolisakardia) and Endotoxin that comes out will pass through the blood vessels when the mouth perform usual activities eg chewing food, brushing teeth, and others. So this was the cause of the onset of adverse effects on the heart and blood vessels and can lead to stroke.

2. Go Vacation

To avoid depression or stress you can take the time to go on vacation. You can take a vacation to places that can calm the mind like camping, walks to the beach and other places. With the ever go on a vacation can be fun mind but also can unwind after doing various activities.

3. Enough Sleep

Sleep is also an important aspect of maintaining a healthy heart. To get used to at least eight hours sleep every night you can prevent your risk of heart disease, because according to one of the main research conducted show that people who sleep less than six hours had a risk two-fold for heart disease.

4. Flu Vaccine

For people who were given the vaccine, the risk of heart disease can be reduced 20 percent. This is due to the spread of infection in the respiratory tract can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Therefore vaccinate certainly has its benefits and can protect respiratory health and also the health of your heart.

5. Eat Chocolate

People who consume chocolate is believed to have a 37 percent risk of heart disease is lower, is evident from the research that has been done in the UK. Besides chocolates heart disease is also beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes, but the conditions must terhkandung 70 cacao in the chocolate.

6. Sunbathing Morning

Sunlight is one of the main source of vitamin D that can be easily obtained. In addition to getting the intake of vitamin D for the body, the sun in the morning can also reduce the risk of a heart disease. This is because few studies have been conducted to believe that if the body lack of vitamin D a person can be at risk for heart disease emergence.

7. Laugh

Rather strangely, whether to laugh nothing to do with heart disease? Sure there, one of the main causes of a heart disease is stress or depression and laughter can make the flow of the blood vessels become calm so that the risk of heart disease in people who laugh can leih minimized, either by watching a funny movie, humor funny, and something that is funny.

8. Regular Exercise

Many factors make heart-healthy exercise. Its one of the main, exercise can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, by exercising regularly can one obtain an ideal body weight. Exercise can be done at least 30 minutes each day.

9. Reduce Cholesterol

If the usual diet filled with the consumption of foods that contain a lot of fat and cholesterol, it is very likely if the tests are above normal blood cholesterol. Therefore, try to keep the cholesterol under 200 mg / dl. According to Endang Dr.Pauline Praptini Sp.KG, said that eating 70 grams of soluble fiber such as oatmeal regularly, can lower cholesterol levels in the body.

10. Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the main things that are harmful to the body. Daraih high pressure will keep the heart and arteries work excessively and may increase the risk of heart attack. One of the main ways that blood pressure may be normal by reducing sodium or salt from the food consumed.

11. Folic Acid, Vitamin B

Folic acid and vitamin could help prevent heart disease by protecting blood vessels from the damage that could occur because of homositein the molded product of protein metabolism that occur in the body. Folic acid is a derivative of foliage, which can be easily found in the leaves of vegetables that have a green color, nuts, and fruits which contain citrus like oranges.

You can try to do the above ways to prevent heart disease, but it is of course prevention is always regular exercise, eating a balanced nutritious diet is also more important so as to begin to get used to maintain a healthy lifestyle so as to avoid the various diseases.

Utilizing a variety of natural food sources that exist in the environment has also become one of the main ways to maintain a healthy life because now a lot of instant foods that in the long term and slowly can cause various health problems. Hopefully this article how to prevent heart disease is beneficial, let health care! greeting healthy!